Governments and organizations are looking to create greener cities that incorporate healthy environments for a broad range of species beyond humans. Official Community Plans (OCP) are being developed to create communities that are more accountable in the products we use, the plant material we seed and increasing tree canopies.

Research is also providing strong evidence of the positive role green spaces play in our overall health and well-being in a thriving community. Plants can decrease crime, encourage connections in plant outreach programs, provide us with a sense of wonder and some good old fresh air while being visually pleasing.

We educate and help you understand sustainable landscapes!


  • Use less non-renewable resources
  • Include permeable surfaces for drainage
  • Can reduce heating/cooling cost for buildings on site
  • Recycle and re-use onsite material
  • Provide adaptive plant strategies
  • Create habitats for multiple species and increase biodiversity
  • Encourage incorporation of food gardens with ornamental gardens
  • Avoid invasive plant species and encourage native or naturalized plants
  • Use rainwater capture
  • Encourage composting
  • Boost positive connections in communities

One person really can make a difference

Edible gardens are currently having a greater influence in land use and there are many simple ways to incorporate this into an existing garden, even on a balcony or terrace. We can advise on how to increase productivity for home gardeners or recommend qualified garden management experts to tend your edibles.

With a site visit, we can discuss how these considerations can be incorporated into your landscape and aid in creating healthy communities.

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Edible gardens are currently having a greater influence in land use