Do you enjoy your landscape? Are you utilizing this space optimally? Either in a residential, commercial or professional space, is there an opportunity to create a gathering space that increases well-being and provides a relaxing or entertaining space?

Our reliance on lawn dominate landscapes in the past is being challenged by new regulations and trends. Evidence shows the high amount of resources used to keep lush lawns and we have essentially made “addicts” of them. But what if we could reduce the surface area of our turfgrass and make them more sustainable in the process?

Past landscape designs have also contained a variety of plant species that are no longer suitable for our climate and by evaluating your viable plant material on the property, we can decide what to keep and what to replace.


  • Allow budget conscious clients to use their own labor to invest in creating a more functional landscape that fits their lifestyle.
  • Can be done without the need for full landscape design plans with a detailed report and suggestions of plant and built structures.
  • With strata councils can significantly improve on tired looking landscapes that are outdated and are no longer functional. By suggestions for gathering spaces beyond balconies, and engaging strata members in gardening newly planted beds and raised gardens, a community can be created in a unique setting .
  • Can be provided through Realtors to buyers and sellers to evaluate their landscapes, while providing applications that can improve property value and aesthetics .
  • Allow personalized shopping at local nurseries with clients to provide education on plant materials and deliver an inclusive experience in Designing a Landscape.
  • Years of experience in design allows us to offer staging of landscapes for homeowners use and property sales to maximize usage and visual appeal.

Beautiful landscape designs to enhance your property!

We now offer Consultation packages to clients that include a site visit with written recommendations for ideas and elements discussed during the meeting. Should a client choose to proceed with a Landscape Plan, we also offer a portion of that Consultation to be credited towards a full Landscape Design Package within 3 months of the initial consult.

Contact co•he•sion Land Design for a consultation regarding your landscaping needs.