The vision for co•he•sion Land Design Ltd has been years in the making. Lead designer Brenda Alexander has united certification in Creating Landscapes, Horticulture and Sustainability with over 30 years’ experience in design related fields, 30 years in sales and service industries and 25 years of gardening experience with sound construction knowledge into each design.

Today our goal is to provide Landscape Design plans, Consultation and Education to a variety of clients that strive to provide value in sustainability and aesthetics with equal measure. We believe that the process of design should be as exciting and positive as the overall purpose achieved and that artful expression can be sustainable and environmentally respectful.

Our studies continue through Guelph University on an ongoing basis to provide the most up to date research and resources to our clients’ projects in the realm of Sustainability. We align with industry leaders, decision makers and influencers to provide cohesion in the design process while providing a reputable list of suppliers for responsible building and plant materials.

We do business with a powerful sense of commitment, sensitivity to clients wants and needs, and a yearning for new insights into the world of landscape

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